Sometimes there is no adequate "ready to use" Software-Product available or there is one but it is to simple or complex and doesn't fit your needs...


This calls for a custom made Software Solutions


Our experiance showed us that it is much better to have a perfectly fitted Software-Product custom made, then having a massive, overpriced generic Software-Product. 


General Pros & Cons of custom Software Products



- Fits 100% your business needs 

- Easy to use because you decide how it's done

- No licence fees since the product is yours

- No expensive training needed

- Future changes much faster and cheaper since you are the only client using it

- Possibility of reselling and earning money with licences. YOU BECOME SOFTWARE OWNER!



- Price

- Dependency on the IT Supplier


Don't be afraid of something new!

Fortunately for our custormers,

we don't let them make this experiance.


We communicate costs, deliverables and problems

as soon as we know, and maximazie therefore your Value

but minimize your costs!



Let us help you to evaluate if a custom Software-Product fits your Company.