"Our application never got hacked"

"Nobody unauthorised can access our data"


If we would have earned 1$ everytime someone said that...


In fact, most attacks aim for web-applications and don't leave any track

In other words: You might have been attacked, data stolen or manipulated, without even knowing.

It wouldn't be suprising since almost 75% of all web-applications are open for attacks and not secure enough.


The only effective way to detect security leaks is to have an IT-Security specialist testing your application and solve the problems by installing IT-Secrutiy modules.


Detect & Close potential leaks.

We provide both and make sure your application is secure!

Excellent IT-Security detection Software

High class, Swiss made Web Application Firewall. Only the best is good enough

State of the Art Single sign-on Module which combined with AIRLOCK WAF will give your application the highest level of protection